John made it home at 3:00am this morning. I can’t believe he drove through the night! Prince was very happy to see him – he jumped off the bed the second he heard the diesel truck running and was waiting at the front door when John opened the door. It was very cute! John attempted to sleep in – but Prince kept bothering him… He managed to sleep until around 10:00am….

I had an interesting day at work. Many of the full-time employees have the entire week off – so the office seems a bit empty. My past experiences with working during the holiday season is that you usually end up helping people you usually don’t see with problems you usually don’t solve. Today was no exception. I meet some new friends in the HR department and in the SAP financial department. I was able to diagnose and fix all of the issues that came my way – which was a good feeling. I like this time of the year at work – I’m able to send time finishing up projects and working on some tasks that I pushed to the side for when things slow down a bit. It will be nice to start the new year with everything in order.

After work John opened the gifts my family gave him and I opened the gifts his family sent for me. We got some cool fun items – way too numerous to list! It was very thoughtful of our families to send the gifts along….

Tonight we went out to eat with Rich, Paul and Perry. We intended to go to Zia’s for italian food – but when we arrived Perry and Rich advised that there would be an one-hour wait. Paul then called Michael’s and reserved a table for us – available in 15 minutes. Perfect because it took us around 10 minutes to arrive. Michaels specializes in Greek/American food. I had a gyro with fries and John had a fish sandwich. They were very busy, but we had good service and a fun waitress…

We recieved our weekly mail delivery today. It was a small miracle – I finally recieved a check for some stock I sold in October. The stock company kept messing up our mailing address with incorrect zip-codes and etc. We finally had them send the check via FedEx with a tracking number. The bastards charged us $20.00 for sending it that way…. oh well… now we can go shopping for a new set of tires for the motor home. We also received a $100.00 check from Verizon as part of a court settlement for the EVDO internet service that we had until they discontinued our service. It feels good that we got some cash out of this. We are now very happy with our Sprint internet 😉

I did not take the time to go to Best Buy to get a memory card for the digital camera – so the pictures will need to wait until tomorrow 🙁
That’s about it – I’m getting tired and ready to relax and fall asleep while reading a magazine or book….

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