Greetings from St. Louis….

It’s cold here…. the Subaru said it was 31° out on my way home….

We both made it back from Wisconsin/Illinois last evening. I made it back by 5:30pm – a few hours ahead of John. Went to unlock the door to the MoHo and my key would not go in – the lock was frozen solid. I called John and he said I should go purchase some deicer at gas station or auto parts store. The RV park was really busy with several units coming in and blocking the exit to the park so did not go anywhere… I remembered that I put a candle and lighter in the car as part of my emergency kit… I was able to use the lighter to warm up the key enough to melt the ice in the lock and after 5 minutes of warming the key, inserting and turning, the door finally unlocked.

I then quickly got everything in my car brought into the MoHo, then I noticed that the furnaces were running, but it was cold… like really cold… like 23° cold… so I called John again and he asked me to see if the 100 lb propane tank was empty… I could not tell… it seemed heavy to me… John told me to wait until he arrived (90 minutes) and he would check everything out… So I turned on the space heaters, lit some candles, got a blanket out and laid on the couch covered up with the cat on my chest to stay warm…. By the time John arrived the MoHo was up to 45 ° inside… He determined that the tank was empty and got another one installed…. the heat felt good when the furnaces finally turned on….

John meet up with Bernie and Mike in Naperville, IL on Sunday afternoon for lunch then headed for St. Louis by 3:00pm. He said the roads were really icy in the Bloomington, IL area – he saw lots of cars spinning out and ending up in the ditch or crashing into retaining walls. Once he got further south, the roads got better. There is snow in St. Louis – about an inch or so….

Once the MoHo warmed up we then spent some time showing each other what our families gave us for Christmas, opening up gifts that each side sent along and etc. It will take some time to find places for everything, but we eventually will.

This morning John woke me up at 7:00am, but I really did not want to get out of the warm bed to get ready for work… but I did… Work is very empty again this week… There is no managers around at all.. so it is a fun casual atmosphere. I did end up being very busy.. I’m the only Notes guy around so getting lots of issues forwarded to me. I think co-workers have me listed in their out of office email and voice messages… so I get “Can you help me? Someone else normally takes care of this, but it is a critical problem…. the company will go out of business instantly and you will be plagued with internal nose zits for the rest of your life unless you drop everything and help me now….” requests…. Most of the issues were simple enough to deal with, but it kept me busy….

After work I did 30 minutes on treadmill… went 1.69 miles and burned 353 calories…. John had supper ready when I arrived home – some type of Hamburger Helper… it was warm and tasty…

We received an email from Austin and Tommy who we meet in Dallas, TX – they have started up a blog to document their trip to Quartzsite, AZ: Quartzsite Bound. The pictures make me wish we could go there next month… but it is not in our plans… 🙁

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend:


Mom and Dad at Walmart - they each get a cart and shop separately... a concept John and I should try...


Mom's Christmas tree... a new faux tree with built in led lights... and snow man collection...

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