We to lunch with Perry, Paul and Rob at Qdoba’s and then I went hunting for 8-tracks. I went to five different thrift shops on St. Charles Rock Road and on Olive Road. Only one of the stores had any cartridges that I was interested in. I found a “StarFire” cartridge made by Ronco. The tape is copy-write 1980 and has lots of fun songs like “Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough” – M. Jackson, “Lonesome Loser” – Little River Band, “Cruel to be kind” – Nick Lowe and “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb/

I also purchased “A New World Record” cartridge by ELO and a tape with no label. The no label cartridge turned out to be another 70’s compilation tape and is also fun to listen to – has “Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Bridge Over Troubled Water and several other notable 70’s songs. I like buying cartridges with no labels on them because it is always a surprise what is on it. With my luck it is usually Lawrence Welks greatest hits or Readers Digest easy listening crud… Anyway today’s 8-track purchases cost me .40 cents each for a grand total of $1.20 plus seven cents for tax.

Yesterday’s posting has a comment from “Jonny the 8-tracker” who says that there is a store called Kanesville Records in Council Bluffs, IA that has a basement with 1000’s of $1.00 8-tracks. I’m going to have to take a day trip up there and check it out. I keep hoping that I find a treasure trove of 8-tracks at a store in St. Louis, but so far the picking have been slim. Tomorrow I’m going to check a few more thrift shops in the outskirts of the St. Louis area.

Tonight I made homemade potato salad and grilled hamburgers outside on the grill. It is nice to have more time to do some cooking.

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