Another day of leisure. John played “Fable – The Lost Chapters” on XBox most of the day – he is probably only 1/3 through the game. John is much better at XBox games then I am – he is more persistent and will keep trying over and over until he finishes and wins the game. I give up more easily… Fable will be available for the Macintosh sometime in the next few months – I might have to check it out – it is easier for me to play games on my PowerBook….

I have been going through a programming book that explains how to create computer programs for the Macintosh OS X operating system. It is very interesting because they have a very different programming model then what is used by Windows. More functionality is built into the operating system and OS X does not really have .DLL files – they use .NIB’s…. I still don’t quite understand everything yet…..

I hit 8-track pay dirt today at the “Record Exchange” located at 5320 Hampton in St. Louis. This place is really cool – it used to be a library, but now it is floor to ceiling vinyl record albums, CD’s, Tapes, laser disks, vhs tapes
and other used music/video related items. I emailed them yesterday asking if they have any 8-tracks and they said they have a few boxes somewhere that I could look at. Today I did not make it to the boxes – instead they had an entire shelving unit full of a few hundred 8-tracks. The shelving unit was behind several other modular units that the owners moved out of the way for me. I had to use some restraint and picked out the following 10 8-tracks:

Gloria Gaynor – Gloria Gaynor’s Park Avenue Sound
Partridge Family – Sound Magazine
Foghat – Energized
Saturday Night Fever
Super-Sonic Compilation (mostly disco tunes)
Deep Purple – Stormbringer
Barbra Streisand’s Greatest Hits
Donna Summer – Live and More
Hair – Original Broadway Cast Recording
“FM” – Original Movie Soundtrack

I’m listening to the Foghat cartridge while I type today’s blog entry.

Tonight we went out to “Uno Chicago Grill” with Perry and Darrin. We each had individual sized pizzas and it was one of the best pizza I’ve had since we came to St. Louis. We will definitely go back sometime.

Tomorrow Paul is having a New Years Eve party at his house – it should be a fun evening. Will be fun to see everyone again and watch to see who falls asleep first.

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