Mom and Dad's cat, Chopper, sleeping under the Christmas tree.


Prince peeking out from behind the Christmas tree where he decided to hide.


Mom and Dad's dog, Peggy, out on a walk.

Today I finally got the pictures transferred from my new Cyber-Shot DSC-W80 camera to my Mac computer.  I used the new 4 Gig memory card and card reader to copy everything over.  The 7 mega pizel pictures are huge – so I resize the ones I put on the web to be 800×600 – faster to upload and faster for you to download. So here’s some of the pictures:


Mom and Dad

We had a busy weekend.  On Saturday morning we went out shopping for a Vacuum Cleaner because our was on it’s last legs and barely picking up anything.  John decided that a canister vacuum would be easier to use and store in the motor home. Our previous one was a upright bagless model that seemed kinda big and clunky when I used it.  We decided on a <a href=”http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2408801″ >Hoover Wind Tunnel canister vac with HEPA filter</a>.

My favorite feature of the new Hoover is that it has a retractable power cord – depress a button and the cord goes inside.  This sure beats having to manually wrap the power coard between two hooks in the back.  John was able to vacuum up two full canisters of cat hair and dust the first time he used it… Yuck!!

Last evening we went to my boss/coworker/friend Rich and his wife Lisa’s house for supper.  Rich is a great chef and made various Asian cuisine like sushi, terriaki chicken, tempura vegetables.  We also got to meet another gay couple that are friends with Rich (Hank and Michael).  The sushi was yummy and we all got to help make it.  I enjoyed helping so I could see how it was done and sample the various components.  For dessert Rich made his famous banana/white chocolate wontons – he says that he “satisfied 30 women in a single night” with this receipe because they liked them soo much.  I can see why – they were to die for… John helped with the wonton’s by sealing the edges with the tines of a fork.  We did not make it home until 1:40am…  it was a fun night!!

This morning we meet Perry, Paul, Lloyd and Rich A. for breakfast at Novak’s.  We were both a bit tired, but it was nice to see everyone and the breakfast hit the spot.  When we made it back to the RV – I went back to bed and had a lovely nap for several hours.  I was wilted….

This evening John’s friend Jason and his family stopped by the RV for a nice visit and pizza.  John and Jason can sit for hours and talk about anything and everything!  Here is a picture I took of everyone:


Stacey, Jackie, Thomas, John and Jason

Jackie is in first grade this year and showed me how to use the <a href=”http://www.webkinz.com/” >Webkinz</a> web site that goes along with her little stuffed animal cat.  I was amazed at how well she was able to use the website to play games, decorate her room and buy new online items for her virtual cat.  The Webkinz online world is really cool… I’m tempted to purchase a Webkinz so I can play more..  Thomas is younger then Jackie and liked to sit at the front seat of the motor home and pretend to drive it.  He then played various games on his V-Tech game system.  I hope we can make a visit up to Madision, WI to visit them sometime this summer….


We have no plans for New Year’s Eve – so I’ve decided to throw a New Years Eve party in <a href=”http://secondlife.com/” >Second Life</a> and everyone is invited.  Second Life is an online virtual world where I own virtual land and have a virtual house.  To join the party go to <a href=”http://secondlife.com/” >www.secondlife.com</a>, sign-up for a free membership, download and install the Second Life client and then go to my virtual house located at:  <a href=”http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nove/225/210/58/” >http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nove/225/210/58/</a> .  My name in Second Life is “Drakken Sillanpaa” and  I plan to be online from 10:00pm Central Time until after midnight on New Years Eve.  Hope you can connect and attend my virtual party.  John thinks I’m a huge dork for doing this – but I think it will be fun….

It takes a bit of time to download the Second Life Client, create an account and get your avatar (your online persona)  all pretty – so do this ahead of time so you are all set for the party!!  Let me know if you have any problems….</strong>

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