Greetings from another unseasonably warm day in Portland…

Another day with no rain and some sunshine. Ended up being a little bit more overcast in the afternoon, but not complaining.

We did our ‘normal Sunday routine’. First went to Sweet Betty’s for a yummy breakfast of french toast with apple on top and small side of eggs scrambled with mushrooms, fresh spinach leaves and onion. Seems like a strange combination but was d’lish….. I started to giggle when we walked in and they were playing ABBA for background music…. Betty’s is a little farther away from the RV park, but wanted to head over to the nearby Bed Bath and Beyond afterwards.

Received a $40.00 gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond for Christmas and wanted to use it to purchased a storage drawer for the Keurig k-cups. They had it on their website for $24.99 ( check it out here ). Went to the store and they did not have any in stock, but the sales lady said that she could order it for us and not charge extra for shipping. Sounded good to me – so it should be arriving later this week. Thought it was a nice way for the store to keep our business by getting us what we want. We then also selected a box of iced coffee k-cups and a box of sweet lemon ice tea. I like having a variety on hand.

Once back at the MoHo I got our laundry organized and headed over to the laundry room. The laundry basket is too awkward and heavy to carry to the laundry room – about a city block away – so drive the jeep over. This is usually the only time I drove all week. There was no parking available in front of the club house building with the laundry room in it – so parked by the office that is closed on Sunday. On the way into the laundry room I noticed a car cram packed with assorted crap. Upon entering the laundry room I quickly determined who the owner of it was – she was fishing out at least a dozen dog leases out of one of the washing machines. Laundry ended up taking twice as long as normal while I waited for all sorts of non-clothing stuff to get washed and dried.


RV Park's Club House


Laundry Room

After laundry done and put away we headed to the Lloyd Center so I could practice ice skating.  The mall was not as busy as last week but the ice rink was.  Had a good first 30 minutes of skating practiced what we have been doing in class while trying to avoid running into people falling all over the place.  Lots of people who don’t know how to skate out on the ice…  and I mean really don’t know how to skate….. Then my ankles started to get sore.  I went off the ice and rested my feet a few times, but they kept hurting.  Decided to stop 10 minutes before I had planned to…. Not exactly sure what caused my ankles to be sore – either had my skates laced too tight/loose, or skating on a single blade puts more stress on my ankles….  John thinks it is because I’m old….

On the way back from skating we went to Panera Cares for supper and to Trader Joe’s for grocery shopping.  They are both in the same strip mall so can park once and do both.  Good thing since parking is a bit of challenge…  Panera was not too busy and we had a nice supper of sandwiches and chips.  Trader Joe’s was crowded – had to work around the other shoppers to get what we wanted.  We did not need too much stuff – so go buy with just $35.00 worth of stuff.

Now at home – just got everything put away and starting to relax for the evening.  Did not watch the Packers / Bears game today (John hates football), but was happy to see that the Packers won.  They are now the NFC champs and heading to the SuperBowl.  I’m sure there’s lots of happy fans in Wisconsin this evening.  The Super Bowl is being held at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX – so John will have to call his friends at the KOA close to there.  I’m sure there will be some Packer fans driving their RV’s down for the big event.

Still enjoying playing WarCraft.  Made it to level 36 last night.  We watched ‘Social Network’ yesterday and now John tells me I should be programming the next killer web application and make us millions instead of playing WarCraft….  🙂  Here’s a picture of my in-game dude… Found a pair of shorts for him 🙂


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