Happy New Years, Eve!

Greetings from a frozen West Des Moines, IA

Snowed another inch last week, but was light fluffy snow that did not add much to the 8″ already on the ground.  Been staying cold enough that the snow is not melting.  To help things along John has been putting lots of salt on the drive to break up the ice. Tomorrow (New Year’s Day) is going to be a particularly frigid day with lows below zero and highs in the single digits.  Would like to go ice skating downtown for a bit, but not if it so nasty cold…..

I spent the past few days getting the apartment put back together after our Christmas trip. Found locations for most of our gifts, suitcases unpacked, laundry caught up and the bird feeder filled.

Big news at our place is that John sold his large format printer – otherwise known as the “big ass printer”. It went to a young man who is starting his own graphics design firm. Nice to hear it is going to someone who will put it to good use.
John wants to use the proceeds of the printer sale towards a new digital SLR camera.

I’ve been going on a walk for an hour most evenings through the Raccoon park and back. See lots of deer running around during my walk. There’s lots of spots where they pawed at the snow to get at the grass underneath. They are not very scared of people – I get about 20 feet away from them before they casually walk away. City deer….


Trail through the park at night... partially cleared off...

We don’t any big plans for ushering in the new year since we both had full days of work.  I prepared a nice supper of bacon wrapped filet mignon (gift from Deven and Melinda) with baked potatoes and cheesy broccoli.  The reminder of the evening will be spent at home , catching a movie or two on AppleTV or Netflix, then watch the count down on TV and try to stay awake. I’m usually the one who succeeds and wakes up John to tell him the new year is here….

John’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday (2nd). We both have to work that day, but still want to make it a nice day for him.  Basic plan is to meet Troy and Don at the Prairie Meadows Casino for a birthday supper around 6:30pm. We’ve not been there before – thought it would be a fun way to check it out. The big question of the evening will be buffet or steak house… The casino has both.. Will be up to the birthday

Received a letter today that our rental certificate expires next February and will need to be renewed.  An inspection is done by the city, then we pay a $125 fee to receive new certificate. We are not allowed to rent to tenants without the certificate. Will be interesting to see how the inspection goes. Have it scheduled for the first week in February.  Not anticipating any problems, but you never know…..

Not much else going on… time to checkout AppleTV and Netflix to find a fun movie to watch… Wonder if John would sit through Sordid Lives, again…..

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