Happy New Years Eve!!

John and I are planning on staying up until midnight by watching movies. I rented 300, Afghan Knights and Blades of Glory from the McDonald’s Redbox for $1.00 a day. I rented two action movies for John so I can watch Blades of Glory – which John will not like….


Here's I'm standing outside of my steaming hot tub.

This evening I spent some time adding a swimming pool, hot tub, dance floor and juke box to my Second Life property for my New Year’s Eve party. Here’s some pictures:


Tearing up the dance floor....


Hanging out in the kitchen

I went shopping for new virtual clothes – got some new shorts, speedo’s and t-shirts…..


We have no plans for New Year’s Eve – so I’ve decided to throw a New Years Eve party in Second Life and everyone is invited. Second Life is an online virtual world where I own virtual land and have a virtual house. To join the party go to www.secondlife.com, sign-up for a free membership, download and install the Second Life client and then go to my virtual house located at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nove/225/210/58/ . My name in Second Life is “Drakken Sillanpaa” and I plan to be online from 10:00pm Central Time until after midnight on New Years Eve. Hope you can connect and attend my virtual party. John thinks I’m a huge dork for doing this – but I think it will be fun….

It takes a bit of time to download the Second Life Client, create an account and get your avatar (your online persona) all pretty – so do this ahead of time so you are all set for the party!! Let me know if you have any problems….

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