Happy New Year’s Eve…..

John and I are spending a quiet evening at home…. Watching a movie that arrived from Netflix – Chris & Don: A Love Story.


Snow at the RV park

He had some snow on Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning – a few inches.

The snow has all melted by this evening…

I’ve had a rough couple of days…. On Wednesday I went to work like normal, had a quick breakfast in the cafeteria, grabbed a cup of decaf coffee and settled into my cube and worked for awhile. Around 9:45am I suddenly became very dizzy and nauseous feeling like I’m ready to pass out – it came on suddenly and was not sure what just hit me… so called front desk for medical assistance. I was driven to a local clinic to be checked out… I started to feel a little bit better at the clinic… they did not find anything wrong.. blood pressure was fine, blood sugar was fine and etc…. John took me home and I spent the rest of the day in bed resting…. not exactly how I planned to spend the day…. That evening I was feeling good enough to go back to work to pick up my laptop and drive the Subaru home…..

I think what happened is that someone made regular coffee in the decaf coffee canister in the break room and the caffeine suddenly effected me…. I have no tolerance for caffeine so a large 16 oz cup of regular coffee could possibly do this to me…. It could also be caused by dehydration – so I have been drinking lots of water today…. My head still does not feel right… still kind of queasy… It is good that I have a few days to re-cooperate…

John worked at the RV Park office today… he seemed bored, but he did have three different RV’s come in…. Prince spent the entire day sleeping, ignoring me and staring out the window waiting for John to come home….

There will be some fireworks going off in a few minutes downtown – will probably be able to see them from the windows of the MoHo. They are doing the fireworks at 9:00pm and again at Midnight…. I’m going to try and stay up until Midnight, but no promises…..;)

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