Deven & Jet

Here is a picture of Deven and Jet:

Thank you to everyone for the comments on the “Shout It Out” on the left. I miss our Saint Louis friends already….

This morning John walked with me to work in the rain to make sure I took the correct subway train, got off at the right station and walked the last 5 blocks to work.

I had a busy day at work – spent it with two project leaders from IBM and my new supervisor. We went over the application with two power users and saw first hand the short coming of it…. The next 5 weeks will be fun as I work on getting the application all spiffed up…

Food is expensive in NYC – for lunch I had 1/2 a salami sandwich, side of chick peas and a bottle of tea and it cost $14.00…. Not horrible – but not cheap…. I was told that the best deals on dining out are in China town… lots of small hole-in-the-wall places with good, reasonably priced food. This weekend is Chinese New Year – so China town might be a fun place to check out…

I made it back to the RV park after work with no problems. Here is a picture of the entrance to the subway station at the World Trade Center site. The station was rebuilt after 9-11 and seems somewhat temporary:
Tonight we decided to dine out at a steak house that is close to the RV Park named Edward’s Steak House to celebrate my first day of work in NYC. John had pork mignon and I had coffee encrusted flat iron steak – both were outstanding! For desert I had chocolate mouse and John had cheese cake – yummy!

Tomorrow night it will probably be mac n cheese and hot dogs….

After supper we took the light rail train to the New Jersey waterfront and took in the view of Manhattan skyline – very cool
We found out that I can take the light rail to a subway station and then transfer to the PATH subway to Manhattan. The light rail is just outside of the RV park and will be easier to catch then walking further to the subway station…

I will have John take some pictures of the RV park and post them tomorrow – I want to get a pic of the camper with the Statue of Liberty in the background….

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