Greetings from West Des Moines, IA…

The weather has been a mixed bag the last few days.  Thursday afternoon it started to snow in the afternoon.  It was warm enough it did not stick to the ground at first, but by morning we had a light dusting. It was kinda pretty:


Looking out the front windows at the snow.

Then on Saturday it rained most of the day.  Temps got down to the mid 20’s so the wet ground turned into an icy mess.  We made sure to put salt down on the stairs and sidewalks before heading to bed, and then again when we woke up.

John continues to not feel his best.  He complains about having a sore throat and bad headache.  He’s been drinking primarily diet soda with no caffeine in it – so the headache may be from caffeine withdrawal.  Purchased some some “fully leaded” Coke to see if it helps him through it a bit.

Then I had a bit of a blow on Saturday morning.  Woke up at 2:00am to my right toe throbbing.  My gout is back.  Not good.  It has been over a year since my last attack. During the last month I stopped taking the cherry extract, celery and ester-C supplements that I had taken the previous year.  I ran out and could not find a place close – so just went without.  I blame my complacency on the attack – along with eating shrimp this past week.  On Saturday I downed a quart of pure black cherry juice and took some tylenol, but did not help.  Also found a “Vitamin Shoppe” a few miles away with the supplements I need.  They are similar to Vitamin World that I went to in Portland, but I think their prices are a bit cheaper.  Only downside is that they are close to the Jordan Creek Mall – so getting there through the holiday shopping traffic was a headache.  My throbbing toe gave me enough incentive to deal with it.

Woke up this morning with no improvement – my toe was still swollen and throbbing. Went online and found a DoctorsNow walk-in care clinic that opened at noon.  Went in, signed the necessary paperwork then waited 30 minutes to see a doctor.  He looked at my toe – said “yep – you have gout” and prescribed me some medicine – Vicodin, Indomethacin and Colchicine.  The Vicodin and Indomethacin I’ve had before.  Believe the indomethacin puts me in a vile mood and the Vicodin makes my tummy queasy.  Have not taken the colchicine before, but it is supposed to help remove the crystals that have formed in my toe.  Hope it works quickly. Only downside to the DoctorsNow clinic is that I was charged $155.00 for the office visit.  Seems a bit expensive.

After taking all the medicine it did make me feel crappy – so I laid down and watched TV for a few hours.  Watched several episodes of Income Property that I had recorded from HGTV.  Like to watch the host transform crappy old apartments and basements into shiny happy rentals.  Wish I had the budget these homeowners have to fix up our place.

This evening I felt well enough to get grocery shopping done for the week.  The three recipes I’m going with with are:  Crescent-Topped Cheeseburger Casserole, Quick & Super Easy Chicken & Dumplings and Poverty Meal.  The ‘Poverty Meal’ is a repeat from last week – going to try it again using different type of tomatoes in hope that John will like it better.

I’m starting to get a nice pantry put together with many of the staples these recipes needed.  Grocery shopping cost about half of what I spent last week.

Not much else else going on.  Going to take it easy the remainder of the evening as I take the next round of medication.

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