The weather is a bit cooler today but at least it did not rain or snow. My commute was fine – I’m starting the feel the burn in my legs on the way home. I now have a computer that I can use at work – so next week I will not need to bring my laptop. For breakfast I purchased decaf coffee and a bagel with cream cheese from one of the numerous street vendors outside of the Citicorp buildings – it cost me $2.25 – not too bad… My desk is on the 8th floor and from the window I can see the top 1/2 of the Empire State Building – have not seen King Kong yet… They should make a big stuffed animal gorilla and put it on the Empire State building just to mess with people…

John had a busy day – he moved the camper to the dump station to empty the tanks and fill the fresh water tank. He then moved the camper to a different site where there was power. We are not needing to use the extension cord now. He then went grocery shopping and then made Creme Brule for supper using the bowls and torch I purchased from Target… he said it was not exactly easy to make – needed to use a double boiler and etc…. He did a good job – it was crispy on top and soft and yummy on the bottom! (Kinda like John)

Here is some pictures that John took on Tuesday:


Manhattan Skyline from Jersey City shore


Pic of Statue of Liberty from campground

Tonight is another evening of watching American Idol – seems like they only show the really bad or really good auditions – you don’t see many average performances – probably makes better television this way. I have to wait until 8:00 eastern time to watch it…. gives me time to do this blog, wash dishes and play with Prince. Prince is into carrying things in his mouth and playing “hockey” with caps from the bottled water – it is fun for him until it is lost under the couch.

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