It is windy and cold here today – right now (7:00pm) it is 28 degrees outside… The wind ripped right though me while waiting for the light rail train this evening. The camper moves a bit when some of the heavier wind gusts hit it and you can hear the slide-out awning moving up and down..

Tomorrow should be a bit better – high of 45 and low of 32.

John meet me outside of Citicorp for lunch – we went to Cima and had panini sandwiches with prosciutto, cheese and lettuce. John told me about going to a Barnes and Noble bookstore to look for a map of Manhattan – a guy asked him what we was looking for and he recommend a little black day planner book that has maps of NYC, subway schedules and other NYC information in it. He could not find it at the bookstore but guy recommended going to the place where the book is published a few blocks away. John went to the publisher and purchased the day planner. John was impressed that this guy helped him – I wonder if he was being hit on…..

One thing I notice during the commute to work is that most people wear black jackets. You see many styles of coats, jackets, dusters and trench coats but most of them are black. My black leather java jacket fits right in – but the red and grey heavy winter jacket I purchased in St. Louis will stick out in the crowd….

I’m watching Modern Marvels on the history channel – the topic is the stock market and New York Stock exchange – I find it interesting…

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