Greetings from a warm Portland…

Temps got into the upper 50’s today – the local news says the temps approached the all time high of 56 ¬į. Best of all – No Rain!

Woke up with a splitting sinus headache this morning. Took some medicine and slept for an extra hour after notifying work that I would be late. The extra hour did help and I managed to arrive at work 90 minutes late. Made it through the work day with headache coming and going – was not much fun.

John’s AR Drone Quadricopter arrived back from the repair shop in as good as new condition. They replaced the front camera that had the torn ribbon cable leading into it at no charge – was part of their warranty. He said he did not have time to play with it today.. in the nice weather with no wind……

The storage drawer for the coffee maker also arrived. It turned out to be nicer then I expected – thought it would be made out of more plastic. It’s constructed out of aluminum mesh and tubing. Here’s some pics of it in place:


Drawer in place under coffee maker


Drawer open

It’s John’s job to keep the drawer filled with the k-cups. ūüôā

Now that I will we working for a major financial institution it poses a little dilemma. ¬†We have our main checking, savings and investment accounts with a competing financial institution. ¬†John makes a big deal about only supporting the brewing company in Milwaukee the trucking company works for. ¬†We only drink their brand of beer products – when I used to drink. ¬†John believes in patronizing those that contribute to his employment. ¬†Switching banks would be along the same line, plus I get some perks for being an employee, can use ATM at work for free and would be contributing to them in a small way… ¬†It’s such a pain to switch banks… not looking forward to it…. ¬†but will probably do it slowly over the next few months….

Not much else going on – the front door of the MoHo is open (screen door in place) and Prince loves sitting on the front step looking out at the world. ¬†There’s several outdoor cats in the park that he likes to meow at… sometimes one will come up to the door and they carry on a little conversation…

Heading off to take some more medicine and hope I feel better for my last day as a consultant….

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