I made it through the first week at Citicorp and I’m tired. My lower legs burned again tonight during the walk from Citicorp to the subway station. I hope to be able to relax a bit over the weekend so my legs recuperate. The weather was better today – not nearly as windy out as it was yesterday.

There is a doggy day care center about a block away from Citicorp named “The Wagging Tail Doggie Day Care”- I like to see the dogs when I walk by.

I checked out their website and they have a live web cam so you can watch the dogs play – check it out at: www.thewaggingtail.com.

Tomorrow I need to get laundry done – John purchased a roll of quarters today from the campground office.

Not sure where we will go tomorrow – perhaps to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty up close… depends on the weather and how ambitious we are…

I would like to go see Big Mamma’s House 2 but I’m not sure John would appreciate the movie’s subtle complexities and subtexts as much as I would.

It seems strange not going out to Novak’s and Amp tonight for burgers, beer and darts…. I guess we will have to find a way to entertain ourselves 😉

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