John’s last posting was long enough that I decided not to do a posting for a few days….

On Saturday we went to the St. Louis Winter Hamfest in Collinsville, IL. It was a good show – my only complaint is that it was very crowded and I had to work hard to make it past the various tables to see everything. John purchased a new antenna that he has been working with. He was hoping the antenna would work better then it does, but he is still working on it….. I purchased some 1/2 price rechargeable batteries and that is it… I did not see anything that I really wanted… most of the vendors were dealers – so there was not as much vintage computer stuff like I usually find…

On Saturday afternoon the temps were in the mid-40’s, so I decided to go ice skating at Forrest Park. John refused to go along, so I skated by myself. The rink was not very busy so it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. The ice was a bit rough – they did not run the Zamboni machine on it at all… It seemed like there were lots of people on he ice who had never ice skated before, so I had to watch out a bit so I didn’t run over anyone….

Today we went to Crusoe’s for breakfast. The food was much better then the prior week. I then spent a few hours getting laundry done. I ended up doing 6 loads because I did the sheets off the bed…. The weather was a bit warmer today with a high in the low 50’s… we were able to have the door to the RV open for a few hours.. Prince enjoyed looking outside and basking in the sunlight….

I finally downloaded and watched the final episode of Project Runway Canada. It was the show where the big runway show occurred and the final three contestants find out who won. I already knew the Biddell won, but it was still fun to watch the show. The competition was very close and Iman finally choose Biddell over the other contestants… I think in future seasons the contestants will be fully aware of how important Iman is to their outcome. If she likes you then you have a much better chance of winning….

Tonight we had supper at Noodles with Perry. We tried their pot-stickers for the first time and they were so-so. I like the ones at Four Seasons much better.

It is back to work for me tomorrow. Mondays are not my favorite day of the week at work – it seems like I encounter more problems with applications and crabby users then any other day of the week. This is partially because there are some applications that run every weekend that send out email notifications… someone gets a notice they should not have and I then need to investigate…. and so on…. It seems like if I make it through Monday with few problems then it will be a good week…. so time will tell…

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