Hello all, John here.

Argh, again neglected you all for 2 months…  bloggers curse– When we have stuff to write about not enough time, and when we have time, nothing to write about.  Ugh.

Anyhow, All is well here.  We did loose another tenant.  Lease was up, and she chose to move on to a bigger yard for their growing family.  I can understand that.  They left the place almost as good as they were given it, and we only need to do a few repairs and some touch up.  Finally, not a total disaster… Which is good, as financially we couldn’t have dealt with another complete remodel this year…

Hopefully we will have the For Rent Sign up Monday or Tuesday.  I am a little cautious though, we haven’t had to rent one this late in the year yet, so hopefully we get it filled quickly…

On to other things, Derek has been the skating queen, and has his big Christmas Show coming up.  I am sure he will do just fine, though he seems quite concerned about it.  He enjoys it, but sometimes I think he gets a little too involved…

Work has been, well work.  Still not thrilled with the company, but I have made some progress at positive change, as well as some progress on the Apple front.  I am not sure where it is going to go, but I am trying to make the best of it even though most days I come home and feel like I just went through war.  When I decided I was done with trucking, and went back to school, one of the driving factors was the passion for ones work and the level of expertise that one could surround himself with to continue to grow.  Sadly, in transportation I felt that I was nearing the end of being able to learn new things, and better myself–  The challenges were gone, and most of what I did, as well as what I could see on the horizon to do would be repetitive, and challenges that have already been overcome.  In IT, I find lots of new challenges, lots and lots of things to learn, at times it tends to be very overwhelming, and I have found a few people that I can gain new perspectives from…  Anyhow I am going to stop there before I digress into land of negativity…  I am trying to be a more positive person, but those who know me, know how difficult that can be!

Good news is I passed another Apple Cert today.  Apple released the ACA for 10.10 Yosemite.  It really isn’t a very difficult test, and is done non-proctored.  I am not looking forward to the ACSP and ACTC renewals, which I expect in March…  I have pre-ordered the books already, but they are not quite released yet.

I also am starting a new course on Lynda.com (a training site that has all sorts of very good training– it cost $25.00 a month for unlimited access, which is really cheap in the scheme of IT training).  The course is focused on the UNIX command line, and using Unix with OS X.  Now, I get most people simply don’t care, even if you are in IT, but having a good understanding of what is going on “under the hood” if you will, is pretty valuable, and one of my projects at work is assisting in the development of a product around Macintosh Managed Services.  A Large part of that will deal with the ability to send scripts against these machines remotely, and having a greater understanding of that will make or break the idea…


Anyhow, I wanted to get something written.  I should go down and help Derek for a while…  Hope all is well with everyone!




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