Greetings from another warm day in Oregon.

Another day of no rain and temps in the lower 50’s. It is not going to last – going to rain over the weekend, and then clear off again on Monday. Typical….

Woke up feeling good this morning – no headache. Last day as a consultant was kinda boring. Received nice call from my consulting wishing me will and thanking me for being a good employee – was nice of them. Remainder of the day went by like normal. Still working on making changes to major application – lots of little things… “When I change this field, don’t automatically change that field then…” and on and on… Nothing too major…

Next week I will have to start taking care of signing up for stuff once I’m full time – texting plan for iphone, remote access and etc.

As promised, here’s short video I put together that shows some of the cubes I worked at during the last few years:

Not much else going on – we’ve not made any plans for the weekend. I’m sure we will find something fun to do… Now I’m off to play World of Warcraft for awhile.

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