My prediction about having a busy day at work with support issues came true. I didn’t even get a cup of tea and my computer turned on before the first support issue came my way.. I spent all morning working on fixing production issues… then I spent the afternoon working on misc. projects…

We received our mail today – I got more tax forms that I entered into Turbo Tax. The main thing I’m missing is a statement of interest paid on our motor home. I will have to call the lender tomorrow to have one sent.

Tonight I worked on one of my vintage computers – the Epson PX-8. The PX-8 is a laptop that runs on CP/M which was an operating system that was in use before DOS became popular. I purchased a disk drive for it, but have not had much luck getting it to function. I took some pictures of it and posted an entry on www.vintage-computers.com to see if anyone else has run into the same issue….

Tomorrow night we will need to get everything stowed away so John can drive the motor home to the tire dealer on Wednesday. He needs to be at the dealer by 8:00am so I will have to get an early start on Wednesday morning. It takes time to obtain my specific level of beauty each morning – so I will probably have to get up by 6:00am…. This will be the first time we have move the RV since last October. The weather forecast is calling for snow on Wednesday, but I doubt it will be enough to cause any problems with driving but it will be nasty if they salt the roads.. It will be nice to have new tires on the motor home and perhaps John can lessen his feelings of “impending doom” every time we go on a trip.

We received a phone call from our friend Dave in Quartzite telling us to watch “Ultimate Factories: Winnebago” on the National Geographic Channel. The show description is:

Winnebago’s motor homes, or RVs, have set the standard since the 1960s, from compact models to mega-mobiles. But now they have upped the ante with their newest cross-country colossus, the Vectra. Offering 400 square feet of living space, the Vectra even includes a giant basement storage space. From the chassis factory in Gaffney, SC, to the “Big Bertha” mega-plant in IA, NGC visits the Ultimate Factories that create the ultimate home away from home on the open road.

We have never been on a Winnebago factory tour, so this show is pretty interesting. Our motor home has a different chassis from the Vectra in the show, but the rest of the way it is built is similar. I like to see how well engineered the Winnebago’s are – makes me feel a bit safer. I still find it strange that the carpeting and flooring is in place before the side walls are put on. I’m sure this makes it a treat to have the carpeting changed.

Not much else going on….

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