Greetings from a windy overcast day in Portland…

The weather has been cooler the last few days – highs in the upper 40’s. It is still not too bad, but I notice that the heat pump is running more often. The remainder of the week is going to be a mixed bag weather wise:


Will be heading off to ice skating class in an hour.  Last week we learned how to do spins on the ice.  I can do a basic spin, but it quickly makes me dizzy. Having your head spinning while on blades on the ice is not my favorite sensation, but guess I will get used to it eventually… Will be interesting to see what she has us do tonight. I’ve started to be able to skate backwards. Went skating last Saturday to practice going backwards more, but the rink was full of children attending two birthday parties who could barely skate. Was difficult to practice with kids falling all around you, or running into you kamikaze style…

Today was my first day as a full time employee at the bank. Was not much different then any other day – which is good. Still had access to the building and all of my computer passwords still operated. Had a fruit bouquet delivered to my managers in Milwaukee to thank them for hiring me. Coworkers enjoyed the fresh fruit…

John has been busy with several ‘major events in his life’. I’m not allowed to mention them on the blog – he needs to do a blog posting in the near future to fill everyone in..

We have found a new series on IFC called Portlandia that has us giggling. It is a sketch show that pokes fun at the stereotypes you find around here. Here’s a music video that sets up the skits:

Love the lines “Portland is a city where young people go to retire”, “You can put a bird on something and call it art” and “Portland’s like an alternative universe – it’s like Gore won and the Bush administration never happened”. It’s really funny with a glimmer of truth:

Several skits from the show that really made me giggle:

Still enjoying playing World of Warcraft. My dude is up to level 38. Hoping to make it to level 40 by the end of the week because he gets some new abilities – like wearing chain mail armor instead of just cloth and leather. More fashion possibilities 😉 I keep telling John he should also play Warcraft so we can do something together – and gang up on other players.  I’m on the Dentarg server – just in case anyone else wants to give it a try and meet up in the online world….

Not much else going on (that John allows me to talk about). About time to head out for skating lessons… need to pop a few tylenol in preparation 🙂

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