Sorry for the delay in posting this blog entry – did not have access to internet while traveling

Made it back to the RV from the business trip to Florida this morning at 1:45 am. I went to work at 11:30am – my boss said it was ok to get some sleep….

Arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 11:15 pm and then my boss drove to Miami to a Cuban diner where we pigged out on cuban food and sangria until 1:30am…

It was nice to spend some time in warm weather – was in the upper 70’s out… did not need to wear a coat and was able to ride in the rental car with the window down.

Did not get to the Marriott hotel in Ft. Lauderdale until 2:15 am – had to be up by 8:00 am.

The presentation went really well – IBM and the clients said I did a good job….

I was on Song by Delta airlines and they have a nice TV system where you can watch 25 channels of Dish Network TV.

Made it back to JKF airport by 11:45 pm and John meet me at the entrance to the subway and we made it home by 1:45pm….

This was the first time we have been on the NYC subway system this late at night, but we ran into no problems.

When we got off the PATH subway in Jersey City we went directly to the light rail train – and one appeared right away – it was “out of service” – but the train engineer asked us where we were going and let us ride to our station… was nice of him and lucky for us because the light rail trail does not run after 1:30 am…

It is still kinda weird going “home” to the trailer in NYC…. still my bed felt really really good…. there is no place like home….

Checked the traffic for this blog and it is up again this month… So far this month there is 2551 visitors – up from 2436 in December…. it is cool seeing it go up each month….

American Idol is on in a few minutes… they are in Vegas tonight… I hope Simon is in a better mood tonight… he is a bit of a drama queen…. I hope this is the last week of the auditions… getting anxious to have the real contest begin….

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