Made it home to West Des Moines, IA today by 1:00pm. Train ended up being close to 2 hours late to Kansas City this morning.

The drive home sucked – I was tired from not sleeping well on the train. John is too sick and medicated to drive – so he had to endure “Derek’s taxi service”.

I spent most of last night attempting to sleep in the observation car because “trashy mom” talked loudly all night long. Think she ended up having sex in bathroom with young man sitting across the aisle from me.. They had a long make out session in their seats at 2am before heading downstairs to the bathrooms. So tragic…

Apartment building and the cats are fine. Prince would not let me pet him – kept running away when I got close. He insisted on John petting him first.

Will blog/post more later. Right now at the walk in clinic with John. He is very very sick and I hope the doctor gives him some shots and strong medications…

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