Hello all, John here…

Sorry we haven’t written a while again…  Things pretty quiet here.

We have had about normal weather for what you would expect in IA for January.  Maybe a little nicer since the last storm.  It’s been cold, but not unbearable, and this weekend was actually quite nice, yesterday in the upper 30’s and today mid 30’s.

Finally getting back to some bare pavement in the parking lot!

Work last week as a little hectic, as it being a short week, and I was given a huge project for the GSA.  It has been a pretty big learning experience, since I have never had to deal with a government project like this before.  Not only am I not familiar with the technology, but there is a butt load of government regulations that need to be followed, and to make sure the system is compliant with.  Pretty crazy…  I understand why many of these types of installations “look” pricier on the surface, a lot of it has to do with all the red tape to service the customer.

I have made a decision on what track/path my future holds.  I really want to explore a more technical side of IT than pure project management, and have decided to start to study for my CCNA, which is an entry level Cisco certification which tends to hold some weight in the IT world.   What really spurred this was that networking class I had a few months back.  While I bitched most of the time going through the class, it was one of those classes I really enjoyed a lot.  In no small part because of the professor I had in the class.  He was very committed, and took a strong interest in seeing us succeed.  I reached out to him this weekend, and he (even after I have graduated) has offered a ton of advice, and has given me access to some first rate material to study and put a plan together.  So In any case I have some work cut out, but it is something I do enjoy doing.

Also wanted to say thanks to all those who wished me happy birthday.  My last year in my 30’s.  Ugh.  It was a nice day sans the having to work part, but they even did make a big deal out of it with the owner throwing a “celebration” and a cake and all.  On the home front, Derek made me a cake too, and gave me tickets to book of Mormon.  We talked about going and now I get to!  He is so nice!  🙂  It is at the DSM Preforming Arts Center, which we haven’t been too yet, so that will be a real treat.  For Tuesday’s Dinner, we met Don and Troy at the casino and had a really nice meal at AJ’s Steakhouse.  It was good to see them.

I did put the Printer Money into a DSLR.  I have wonted a good camera for a while now, and this one should last.  Ended up with a Nikon D3200.  Derek is picking on my because now I am accessorizing it…  With that said, here is a picture of Prince…


Ok, that’s all for now…  Have a good night.



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