Greetings from another nice day in Oregon…

This morning we drove to work in a heavy blanket of fog. Visibility was poor, but was able to make it the mile to work. The fog remained most of the morning, but by early afternoon the sun finally came out.

The major project is all set to be moved to a production server on Friday night. The testers in the midwest start checking it out at 6:00am central time and will be sure to call me the second something does not look right. So have a fun 4:00am call to look forward to on Saturday morning 🙂 My work with the project is done, so I’ve been working on several other smaller projects.

John continues to fill out more scholarship applications in hope of receiving a few of them to help with the cost of his education. He has new student orientation at the end of the month and should receive his class schedule soon. He did not like it when I asked if will receive a list of needed school supplies like crayons and colored pencils 😉 His classes will be in the evening, so current plan is for me to drop him off and pick him up each evening. Classes don’t start until mid-March so we have plenty of time to figure it out…

Our iPhone bill was really high last month because of all the phone calls he made. He has Skype setup on his computer and it works ok, but he uses the built in speakers and microphone so he can’t walk around with it at all. We ended up purchasing him a nice Plantronics 995 wireless headset with microphone:

It uses a little usb dongle that looks like a memory stick to send audio wirelessly to the headset. He’s able to walk all over the MoHo and be connected to Skype. He’s been using it quite a bit over the last week and seems to work well. He pays $35.00 a year to be able to originate phone calls from his Skype account to other phones or Skype accounts. So if you call John and he asks if he can call you right back – he’s trying to save his iPhone minutes and use Skype. Only downside he’s found is that he can only talk with the headphones for four hours before it needs to be charged back up. Perhaps he should be getting a degree in telemarketing….

RuPaul’s drag race was over the top this week because Susan Powter and LaToya Jackson were the guest judges. I giggled through the entire show while watching it with headphones on my laptop. John kept looking at me like I’ve finally lost it….. Drag queens in tacky exercise leotards…. too funny:

Made it to another level in Warcraft last night – now at 46. I’m working on completing 70 quests in the Eastern Plague-lands – so far have 56 of them done. Some are really easy and take under 5 minutes, but most are more involved and take 30 minutes to an hour. When John goes back to school I’ve decided to cut back on Warcraft a little and get back to iPhone/iPad programming again. Have an idea for an app I want to create… finally a good idea….

One of these weekends when the temps are in the upper 50’s we need to give the MoHo a good scrubbing to get rid of the black streaks from the rain. The streaks are not as bad as I thought they would get, but still they need to be removed before they stain the fiberglass.

Not much else going on…. supper is about ready… fish sticks with a side of cheddar broccoli rice….. Nothing too exciting….

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