I had another long day at work – arrived at 7:00am and left at 6:45pm…. This should be the last week of these long hours….

John is still working on getting his aviation headset to work with the ham radio. It works except there is a strange put-put noise in the background when he transmits with it. He is checking everything over to see what could be causing the problem.


Disney EARS trailer

Here is another picture I took at hamfest – it shows the logo on the Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service trailer:

D.E.A.R.S. is an employee run ham radio club that is setup to provide emergency communications for Disney in the event of an emergency when all other modes of communication is not working. I found an interesting website (SCANNING THE ENTERTAINMENT AT DISNEYLAND) that gives information on how to listen in on some of the radio frequencies that Disney uses to communicate during shows and etc. Next time I go to Disney I will bring my handy-talk along and listen in to some of the behind the scenes chatter.

I downloaded the newest version of the Firefox web browser – it has a built-in spell checker – so now I can check the spelling of my blog entries without having to cut and paste the text into Mail, check the spelling and then cut and paste it back into the web browser. Yeah!!

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