Greetings from a rainy weekend in Portlandia….

It started to rain late on Saturday and has not stopped since…. it’s a nice soaking rain with no wind or storms…

Spent most of the weekend at work dealing with the major application upgrade going live. Several things came up on Saturday that needed my attention – so spent most of the day working on tweaks and fixes. Then had to work with administrators to move changes into production and run single-use programs to update some data. Went back in today to finish up implementation of more last minute issues. Lots of little things that added up…. It finally came together and was given ok this afternoon to keep upgrade in production and go with it….. Finished up around 4:00pm. I knew it was time to go when the rechargeable battery in my wireless mouse went dead from being used too much. ūüôā

This morning we smelled something electrical burning in the MoHo. I went outside to see if it was something outside burning and the fumes coming inside – but no luck. I turned off the dehumidifier and other electrical items and sniffed around them – but could not tell where it was coming from. John went and opened up the outside bays and found the source of the smell. The audio amplifier had charred wires coming from it with very strong burning smell – not good:


We’re not sure why it choose today to burn up. ¬†John guesses that moisture got into it and shorted something in it. ¬†It’s a very good thing that we detected it when we did… ¬†Now John has the fun of calling Winnebago tomorrow to find a replacement amplifier. ¬†This is a special model that has multiple switched inputs with one output – not easy to find replacement that works the same way. ¬†It needs to be able to handle both the dash radio and the TV surround sound… ¬†Winnebago is usually good about having replacement parts available, but it will probably cost a pretty penny…..

Wanted to go ice skating this afternoon, but did not get laundry done soon enough to go before the rink closed at 6:00pm. John was not too happy with not seeing me most of the weekend – his job was to drive me to work and take me to lunch each day around 11:30am. Tonight took him out to a nice supper at Busters BBQ – we enjoyed the Texas style BBQ – was pretty good.

On the way home we went past a Goodwill Superstore. John was like – “you want to go, don’t you…” and I was like, “yeah”… so he did a u-turn and pulled in. It was a typical disorganized thrift shop – just quite large. It was nice to walk around after eating supper – got to browse all of the “junque” on the overflowing shelves. Ended up purchasing a “Pacific Grilling” cookbook for $3.99 – it has some yummy looking seafood and vegetable recipes..

John continues to research bicycles trying to figure out which ones we should get. Has stopped by several bike shops to see if we can buy local. There’s lots of bike shops in the area… each one appears to carry a few different brands. Prices are all over – found some nice ones for around $700.00, but you can easily spend $4,000+ on a single bike. With all of the bike lanes and trails in the area, we really want to take advantage of them starting this Spring. There is a nice paved trail that goes along the Columbia river not far from the rv park. John is still trying to figure out if we should just go with more inexpensive bikes from Target or go for the pricier models…. keeps wavering back and forth…

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