I had a decent day at work – the powers that be have deemed the application I have been working on to be of good enough quality to “go live” with it. Next week it will start to be used by a small pilot group of end users, and a few weeks later it will start to be used by clients nationwide. This is good news because it keeps everything going according to the original schedule. Now maybe I will get back to working 8 hour days….

After making supper tonight (hamburgers on the grill and roasted potatoes) and doing dishes, I went for a pleasant walk around the RV park. We had a storm blow through this afternoon, so this evening everything was still damp and clean looking. I like to take my handy-talk along to listen to while I walk. The weather was the main topic on most of the repeaters I connected to. At 8:00pm it is 66 ° outside – a bit warmer then it has been in the early evening.

I’m starting to get lots of little accessories for my handy-talk so I’m planning on purchasing a small computer bag that I can use to organize everything – the external antenna, external microphone, band plan documentation, log books, ear phones, adapter plugs, cables and one of the Epson PX-8 computer that I plan to use for Packet Radio communications.

This weekend we need to get some shopping done in preparation for the cruise. We might go back to Orlando and check out some of the outlet malls. I want to get some new shorts, pants, shoes and shirts so I will need to get a bag of old clothes ready to donate to Goodwill. We don’t have room for new clothes unless we get rid of something first.

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