Small pond behind motor home.

I had a really nice Valentines Day. I only worked an 8 hour day so I got home earlier then normal. It was a nice evening out so I sat outside with Prince while grilling some brats for supper. Prince and I got to watch two ducks having sex in the pond behind the motor home while waiting for John to get done with work. He surprised me with a card, candy and cheese cake for desert.

We then watched American Idol as 48 contestants were cut down to 12 boys and 12 girls. I agreed with most of the judges choices – I like it when they pick contestants who seem genuinely grateful and humbled by the opportunity, as opposed to the contestants who suffer from the “Little Mermaid” syndrome – they have everything, but they want more, oh so much more – they want fame… They want to be where the Idols are… ok – enough of that…

Next week will be the first “live” shows where we can start to see each of the contestant’s personalities in a little more depth. Now that this is the 6th Season of Idol, the whole process seems very predictable – you pretty much know step, by step what to expect.. to a certain extent at least – I wonder if they will try to incorporate some surprises to keep it fresh…

Last evening Darrin stopped by the motor home and then we went out for supper. We had BBQ at Sunny’s – it was yummy!! It was great to catch up with how Darrin is doing with his new career and etc. Where he works is about 10 minutes from the RV park we are staying at so I’m sure we will be seeing more of him in the next month or so while he is working in Tampa.

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