Hello All, John here with a abit of an update…

Seems some of our readers are DEMANDING updates now… I agree we have been a bit lax in posting, it’s called the “Blogger’s Curse”, when you’re busy, you don’t have time to post, and when you’re not, you have nothing to post about!

Derek was nice and sent me a 1/2 dozen roses at the park for Valentines day. I got him a mushy card and a new pair of headphone phones for his iPod, and we shared a heart shaped cookie cake thing…

Friday I futzed around the park some and waited for Bern & Mike to show. They arrived about 11:00. Got them parked and setup across from the restrooms since they are still winterized. They were tried from the long drive, so I joined Derek and hit the sack. Saturday we ran them ragged with a Morning started starting with Breakfast at Soda Fountain in Lafayette Square with Perry and Rich. Food was OK, but as usual the service sucked. Too bad, it is a really neat resturant tipping it’s hat to the days of old radio with a unique interior decor. From there we made our obligatory run up the Arch, because why else would you come to other than to ride in a washer tub 630 feet to the top to spend 5 minutes peering out at the downtown. It’s out 8th time up the arch, so we are a bit arched out.

From there we ran over to do the Anheuser Busch Tour. We have not been on that before, and I did feel a bit of a traitor since we do hail from Milwaukee, and I used to do a fair amount of business with Miller, but we did go. The tour was good, and must say that AB puts much more emphasis on being absolutely spotless and having very unique fixtures and architecture. The brewery is much more automated than the Milwaukee Brewery. It was neat to see the Clydesdale’s, and one was even happy to see us. The end of the tour they lead you into their hospitality room where they give you free samples… Well, not only is the beer crappy, so is the hospitality room, resembling a high school cafeteria. Miller has them beat by far here with their German Inspired Beer Garden and the Miller Pub. From there we scurried to dinner with Perry at J.D. McGurk’s. Dinner was good, and we headed back to the park for the evening.

Today, we met Perry and Paul for Breakfast, and then drove to Forest Park. Walked for a while through the History Museum, where Florian was throughly bored. We came back to the park to sit some, and now Mike and Florian are snoozing. So, Bern Derek and I are in our camper visiting. So, I should get back to being social.

We’ll stick up some pics later.


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