I made it to work before Bernie and Mike were up so I did not get to say good bye… it made me very sad and I had an overwhelming since of rejection while sitting in my lonely cube at work all day…. I started to cry uncontrollably… 😉

I actually had a good day at work… I got lots of work done and I’m getting ready to start some new projects. Getting several small projects completed is a good thing…

This morning around 9:00am we had a freak snow storm go through the area… A dense 2 mile by 2 mile snow storm came with near blizzard force and then suddenly was done and over with in 10 minutes… very odd….

John went to breakfast with Perry, Paul, Bernie and Flow… Mike was not feeling well and stayed back…. They hit the road at noon… we have not received a phone call yet letting us know they made it…. I’m sure we will shortly…

John spent the afternoon doing laundry and tasks around the RV park. I told John that I would do laundry tonight (I usually do it on Sunday evening), but he went ahead and did it anyway….. I feel guilty… Tomorrow John will be working at the front office most of the day… The RV park is not very busy in the winter so it will make for a long boring day for him… I will have to find something to brighten it…


Mikey, Deren, Denise, and Brooke

My brother, Deren, sent me a pictures of his family – complete with their new baby:

We will have to plan a trip up north to visit them this summer… would be nice if diesel prices would go down…. The only trip we have planned is to go to South Dakota in July and then spend the 4th of July weekend at a rally we helped to organize at Saylorville Lake north of Des Moines, IA.

We just heard from Bernie – they made it back to Naperville, IL with no problems…. I’m glad the weather was decent for them….

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