We spent most of the weekend getting ready for the upcoming cruise. On Saturday we went to the Big Top Flea Market and purchased a case of assorted wine to bring along. We also purchased a large box of c-fold paper towels for the paper towel dispenser that Winnebago places in the same compartment as the black/grey tank valves.

After power shopping the flea market we stopped at a Perkins for breakfast – we had a 15 minute wait to be seated, but we got our name on the list before a large group of soccer moms and their spoiled rotten 8 to 12 year old kids arrived. These were the cleanest soccer players we have seen – they must have played on artificial turf – or they were not good enough to play and sat on the sidelines.

After breakfast we stopped at the University Mall and power shopped Burlington Coat Factory – we each purchased suits and John got some shirts. We are ready for the formal dinner night on the boat… if we decide to go to it….

I then went to Plant City shopping on Sunday by myself and got some new shoes, shirts and etc…. I also stopped at a Goodwill store to donate clothes that we don’t want anymore and I found some fun hats to wear for “Church Lady Bingo”.

The project I have been working on since October, went into Production this weekend without too many issues. I was asked to be on call from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday – I did not get any calls – so that is a small victory for me. This week I hope to finish up working on some small issues related to Delegates (People who can approve a timecard when the normal Approver is out of the office). I need to have everything all neat and tidy by the end of this week…

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