Hello all, John here again…

The Winnie is tring me again today. Last night I walked out to see a puddle under the front of the Motor home… I thought strange, but probably a loose clamp on the coolant line to the heater core, since I changed it this summer. But NO, it couldn’t be an easy problem after all, it’s 12 freaking’ degree’s out. I bent down stuck my finger in the puddle, and smelled… Ah Yes, the smell of fresh Diesel. Not a little either, at least 1/2 a gallon on the ground. Hmm. Can’t let this go on forever at $3.19 a gallon (Yes, I know we have the cheapest fuel in the country, and I am bitching about it). So, on with my investigation. I thought at first it might just be a vent line from the tank since I did get warm here last weekend, and I filled when it was chilly out… Diesel does expand quite a bit and with vented tanks, it will push the fuel out the caps or vent. I wasn’t that lucky. Being there was nothing else that far forward, it must have been from the generator. Not wanting to start a frustrating project near dark, I decided to leave it till this morning. I was a bit sorry, since the weather didn’t warm up hardly at all, and added in a nice stiff breeze, bringing the wind chill down to a brisk 4 degrees.

I pulled the generator slide out, and crawled under the front end hoping it was just a simple fuel line to the generator. Of course not. Took a while to find the actual source, it was a bad fitting on the upper fuel line to the filter, the line that feed the injector pump. The fitting is a 1/4″ tube fitting that is pressure fit onto a rubber 5/16″ line. Ugh. Onan’s brilliant design team not only put the filter in an rather awkward spot, used a filter that used inverted flare fittings that never seal, and are always a pain in the ass to get apart, but the line is about an inch short of making it even remotely possible to do this easily. I was not amused, laying under the motor home, snot freezing to my face, and diesel dripping in my eye. The right way to fix this is to replace the line. I pulled the generator cover off, all 23 bolts, and took a look to see if this was in my cold, barely capable threshold of “Home” repair. I was happy to see the line was just camped to the intake port of the injector pump, and wasn’t too bad to get to. I gave Cummin’s a call to see if I could get an OEM line, sure the guy says, $56.00, and we can have it by Friday. Ugh! So, off to NAPA I ran, with the filter and a chunk of the line. Parts store’s here don’t have the brightest bulbs working in them, so I figured I best be safe and bring the old parts… I got a length of 5/16″ fuel line, a fitting, a few hose clamps, and a new fuel filter. The counter Dufas took 35 minutes to find the filter, I finally told him to get me his picture book, and found it in about 3 page turns. I was happy to see they had it in stock, and it was even a re-boxed OEM filter. Walked out with the parts for $28.00, take that you robbers at Cummins/Onan!

Back at the camper, I cut the line to fit and snugged up the clamps. Got the filter installed, and started it up. The generator took a long time to prime, but it finally filled the filter and coughed to life. Ran it for a while looking for leaks, and all looked good. Spent the next hour putting the cover and access panels back on and I was good to go, and quite frozen. All’s good the ends well.

Finaly got cleaned up and most of the diesel stink off me, and cooked Derek dinner. I made him Crab Cakes, which actually turned out pretty good. Derek is off playing with his Mac SE (Big Old POS), and waiting patiently for American Idol to start. I am now regretting the words I spoke not very long ago that I kinda missed Winter last year. Truth is I really hate it, and it is time to get warm already, though, I am pretty glad we aren’t in WI this year, They have been just getting slammed with cold, and snow, and more cold, and more snow. I almost feel sorry for them.

That’s all I got for tonight… Hope everyone is well, and staying warm!




Here’s some pictures from last weekend:


Clydesdale horse at Budweiser - looks like he was happy to see us!


Inside the Budweiser Brew House


Florian next to the Arch...


View of Stadium from the Arch.

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