I’m back to working some long hours again at work this week – but knowing that I have next week off makes it a bit easier to cope with. I just need to get everything working, in place and ready to go before leaving on Friday.

Today we are meeting Buck and Jeff (Chicago) for lunch. Everyone is meeting where I work and we will go from there. I would like to go to The Columbian in Ybor City, but it might be a bit busy….

Yesterday the two recruiters who hired me for my current position took me out to lunch – we went to the Big Mouth Grill in Ybor City. I had a Reuben with fries – it was just ok – they made it with toasted white bread, not the usual rye.

Going out for lunch twice in the same week is getting me a bit spoiled….

We have not done any packing for the cruise yet – I keep thinking of items that I would like to being along – binoculars, sun screen, GMRS radios, thermal coffee cup, plastic wine glasses, security cable for my laptop and the list goes on and on…. I don’t want to over pack, but I want to make sure I have enough stuff to make the week enjoyable….

I’m hoping the next few days at work go along quickly and uneventfully….

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