Eclipse just starting.

Last night we had a clear view of the moon eclipse. John was outside in the old weather taking pictures of it. Here’s two pictures he took:


Most of the moon in the dark.

The next moon eclipse will be in 2010.

The weather here was super crappy today. It started at 5:00am with the sound of ice pellets hitting the roof of the RV while I was attempting to sleep. The ice storm lasted until mid-afternoon – we now have an inch of slushy ice…. yuck!! Many of my coworkers did not make it into the office – most worked from home or took the day off. I made it to work myself – the roads were very slippery and I saw lots of cars sliding all over the place, but the Subaru did well….. I got lots done at work – it was nice to have the office nice and quiet with fewer interruptions.

I sold some old computer stuff on eBay last week, so during my lunch hour I had to stop by the UPS store to send off another package. I’m waiting for payment for one more item then I will have everything sent off…. It should make John a bit happier to have more of my crap gone….

I’m not overly impressed with American Idol this year. In the past years the contestants did not have backup dancers, a full band and full wardrobe/makeup until they were down to the top 12. My guess is that since they are selling videos of each performance on iTunes – they need to make the performances more commercial… I think it takes the emphasis away from the contestants and their singing ability. So far my favorite contestants are Michael Johns, and Syesha Mercado.

I got my Wisconsin State tax refund today – a whole $6.00! I’m going to be rich…. We received a call from our new bank and they would like to see if they can refinance our RV loan at a lower rate then our current lender. I figure it is worth checking out… a bit lower RV payment each month would be nice…. they submitted an application and we should find out sometime next week.

Not much else going on…..

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