Where’re back! Did you miss us?

Sorry for the length of time since the last posting. We went up to Seattle, WA for three days. We left on Saturday and just got back today. While in Seattle we did many of the major tourist things – Boeing Flight Museum, Underground Tour, Klondike Gold Rush Museum and, of course, the Space Needle.

The Boeing Museum of Flight was our first stop on Saturday as we came into town. It was a very well executed museum – lot of interesting displays, perfectly maintained airplanes and many rare planes you just don’t see. Was impressed with their collection of planes especially from World War II. They had some British, German and Japanese planes on display that I’ve never seen in person before.

Outside they had two planes that we could tour – the Boeing VC-137B (707-120/SAM 970) “Air Force One”. This was the first presidential jet. It was used by Eisenhower through Nixon, then by vice presidents and other dignitary until the Clinton administration. It was cool to tour, but most of the interior was behind plexiglass walls that detracted from how it once looked.

We also got to tour a Concorde Supersonic Airliner. It was cool to see, but the interior was much plainer then I expected – just rows of ordinary dark blue leather seats. The museum had curved plexiglass that went from the overhead storage compartments to the floor so could not touch the seats – was odd going down isle with curved plexiglass on each side… but was still cool… Here’s some pics:


The main gallery


Inside Air Force One


Exterior of Air Force One


The Concorde


World War II Gallery

Took many more pictures – you can check them out in the Seattle Photo Gallery.

Will post about the other tourist destinations more this week – decided to space them out instead of having one long posting.

We made it back to the MoHo by 1:00pm today and everything was fine, including Prince.  He has been very needy and starved for attention, but that is normal for him.  After getting unpacked I made a quick lunch and then went downtown to the ice rink to skate.  It is a luxury to have a Tuesday afternoon free, the ice rink was not busy and the ice was solid and well groomed.  On weekends it tends to get wet and sloppy…  Was able to spend 90 minutes practising various skating techniques like going backwards.  Have come to realize that skating backwards is not something I can naturally do – it’s taking me lots of practice to get it down. Right now I can go backwards poorly for a bit…. but going to keep at it…

John’s college situation has improved.  Baring any unforeseen problems, he will be starting online college classes with DeVry University next week.  ITT Tech was giving him the run around about the availability of the program he wanted to take.  He could take a bunch of general ed classes this semester, but he was not getting any guarantee that the Project Management classes would start in the next few semesters.

DeVry is going to work out well.  They cost more per class hour, but he does not need to take as many hours.  Will end up costing substantially less because they are accepting more credits from his previous college work and will probably grant him some credit because of his past work experience.  Their online program is structured around online forums where he interacts with other students – something he thinks he will enjoy.  He should be able to earn a Bachelors Degree in two years.  It is more or less finalized and he should be getting his class schedule laster this week.

During the weekend John has been monitoring the political mess in Madison, WI.  He’s been actively participating in Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Think he would have much preferred to have been in Wisconsin participating in the demonstrations then traipsing around Seattle….  I’m not going to go all political on you, I leave that up to John…  Feel free to contact him with questions / comments about what is going on in Madison, WI…

We received our mail shipment this afternoon.  Received more paperwork to complete for health care and other things related to being a full time employee.  Will need to spend some time this evening going through it all.  John received the replacement audio amplifier in the mail and has his panties in a twist trying to get it to work with the existing wiring in the Winnebago.  Right now he has the dashboard tipped open and is attempting to locate specific lines in the rats nest of wiring.  Winnebago is good about having schematics available online and in the attache case of manuals that came with the coach… but…..  How the wiring was actually done various by who did it, what day it was done on and the alignment of the planets in correlation to the Mayan calendar.  The best thing I can do while he works on the wiring is to lay low and let him work through it himself…  He gets quite serious and tense while working…  I think that comes from being a Ginger…

Not much else going on…  Time to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on my computer while going through the mail… and assisting John when he asks me to ‘flip that switch… No, THAT switch… yes.. THAT one….. flip it QUIETLY….  now shut up…. flip it….. ‘ 😉

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