I did not make it home until 7:30pm last night. I worked until 6:00pm and then drove across town to pickup our suits. Once at the store, it took 15 minutes for someone to figure out how to take the suits from the rack and hand them to me… I then finished up my shopping for the trip – purchased the final wardrobe items that I can’t live without….


Jeff, John and Buck

Meeting Buck and Jeff for lunch went like clockwork. We did go to The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City and had a nice lunch. The restaurant is very old with interesting Spanish architecture. All of the waiters and waitresses wear tuxedos which gives the place an interesting atmosphere. Our waitress was so nice that we did not complain when three of the four entries arrived with French fries instead of rice…. I had a seafood cannelloni which was very tasty – it had a thick lobster/cream sauce over it which was divine.

John started calling me Scott Hicks when I insisted that we take a group picture with my cell phone camera. I reminded John that Scott takes much better pictures then I do… So without further adieu, here is the picture:

Anyway, it was nice to see Buck and Jeff again – last time was Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee, WI.

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