I took a look at the number of visits this blog has had so far this month – it is at an all time high of 14,081 visitors, beating last months 11,957 visits… I’m not sure where all of the visitors are coming from…..

Today is our last day of packing – so we need to get everything packed, the RV ready for our departure and etc. I have so much to do yet….

We’ve been holding off on packing clothes until today because we don’t have much room to put the suitcases without tripping over them.

I still need to pack, get a haircut, get an oil change/car wash for the Subaru.

John has today off (like usual) so he should be able to get all of his stuff packed, haircut, get the cat sitter situated and the RV ready for our departure.

So far work is going fine – it seems like everything is working properly and I’m not putting out any major “fires” yet… but that can quickly change… it will be interesting to see what time I get out of here…

Since I a have been a consultant, I can’t remember the last time I took an entire week off of work. I’m starting to feel guilty and self-indulgent about being away from work and the project I’ve been working on, I hope the feeling passes quickly….


During my lunch hour I went to a local thrift shop to purchase some hats for “Church Lady Bingo”. I found two funny hats and I also found a real treat. I found a 1980 release of “Kate Smith – Her Very Best” on 8-Track!!!

Front of 8-track
Back of 8-track

The 8-track includes Kate singing “God Bless America”, a cover of the Beatles “Yesterday” and others….. My favorite Kate Smith memory is hearing a recording of her singing “God Bless America” at Meramec Cave in Missouri. You would sit in a dark cavern and when the recording started they would splash red, white and blue lights on the various rock formations… It was so very tacky and wonderfull!!!

Perhaps I can buy a case of the Glade Light Show air freshners, arrange them in the bedroom of the Winnebago, play the Kate Smith 8-track and attempt to relive the moment I had in the cave…..

To learn more about Kate Smith – make sure you check out the “Kate Smith Commemorative Society” web page

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