Computer School!

The trip to South Florida was fine – we did not run into heavy traffic until we hit I-95 30 miles away. We meet up with Buck and Jeff at a mall to complete some last minute shopping.
We made it to John’s Aunt Sharon and Uncle’s house in Del Rey Beach at 1:00pm yesterday and have been enjoying spending time with them. John conducted “Computer School” with Sharon showing her some short cuts and tips for using a computer with Windows XP on it.

Last evening Dave made his famous meatballs and spaghetti for us. Here is a picture of us enjoying supper on the back patio:


Supper on the patio.

We are enjoying a beautiful Florida morning – it is in the 80’s with a nice breeze. Later on we are stopping somewhere for brunch and then off to the ports in Ft. Lauderdale to start the boarding process for the cruise. We should make it to our rooms by 3pm or 4 pm this afternoon.

The ship does have internet access, but I have read postings online where people say it is slow and expensive. I will try to make blog postings this week, but no guarantee…

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