I started to do a blog posting last night, but John stole the computer away from me… and then I started watching some dumb show on the history channel… then some comedy shows on Logo… and before I knew it I was sleeping…..

On Saturday we went to the Fox Theater for buffet lunch and then watched “Avenue Q“. The buffet was just ok. The main items on the buffet were tilapia fish, chicken casserole and prime rib. Everything tasted ok, but nothing special and the prime rib was not very warm… They had yummy desserts. I doubt if we would do the buffet again – at $25.00 a person it was not exactly worth it…..

Avenue Q was cute and fun to watch. They signs posted at the front doors warning us about the “Adult Content” – which ended up being puppet sex and some swearing… it made me giggle seeing it on a big stage. My favorite characters were the “Bad Idea Bears”:

Bad Idea Bears

The cute, cuddly Bad Idea Bears in the play gave the various characters the courage to go ahead with bad ideas… like buy beer and watch porn on the internet… I explained to John that I have my own “Bad Idea Bears” that appears (mine are both pink) when I decide to buy some piece of junk on ebay, or buy an iPhone when John is not around…. So now when I do something that John does not like, I will blame it on my bears…..

Then we spent the rest of the weekend eating our way through St. Louis and not doing much else… The weather is above freezing, but still cold and damp enough outside that you don’t want to be oustide much.. yet…. I’m really ready for spring weather….

I spent some time getting my Macintosh SE connected to the internet via an external Ethernet adapter that is connected via a SCSI port to the Mac. I have it connected to my G4 laptop the say way the XBOX 360 is, so I turned on the XBOX 360 and copied down all of the network setting I used to get it connected. I then configured the TCP/IP settings on the Macintosh with the same settings (DNS, Gateway and etc). To my surprise it actually works… kinda… The biggest drawback I’m having right now is not having enough memory to run any type of web browser. I have a POP3 email client that works along with a Telnet client – so right now I can connects to BBS’s and Multi-User-Dungeons (MUD’s) via telnet… which is pretty cool for me… I’m getting some more memory sent to me (cost me a whole $6.00 – which includes shipping) so I can then get it upgraded to a whole 4 Megs of memory.

During my lunch hour I went to Sports Authority and purchased some overpriced work-out clothes to wear while using the fitness center at work. They have brand new equipment in a new facility that is not getting much use… so decided to use it…. Most places I work at do not allow consultants to use their fitness center, so I’m getting a bit spoiled here….

We ordered a new mattress to replace the 7 year old one that we currently have. John did lots of research online and we decided to go with an air bed from Habitat Furnishings. We went with Habitat over Select Comfort for several reasons – mainly cost and available options. The Habitat beds come in a single model for each mattress size and it incorporates features like memory foam that Select Comfort only made available in their high end 9000 series beds which cost over $3000. I wanted to go with an air bed because I like the idea of being able to easily adjust the firmness and they are also lighter weight – which is a good thing in an RV. Habitat’s website gives full information about their beds.. Our bed should arrive in about 2 weeks. Time will tell if we made the correct decision……

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