Another day of crappy weather. It rained most of the night and then during the day the temps dropped and we had snow flurries. Tonight the wind is blowing more and it is in the upper 20’s outside… yuck!!

I had a routine day at work – nothing too eventful. I accidentally took John’s phone to work with me. During my lunch hour I shipped out the very last item I had listed on eBay and then went to mo-ho for lunch to give John his phone back. John was in a foul mood and proceeded to explain everything wrong I have done – too much crap in the RV, not keeping my closet organized, leaving wet towels on the bed and basically being the spawn of Satan. After John had his moment, I went back to work.

After work I used the fitness center and then made it home by 6:20pm. John had supper almost ready – Walmart microwaveable lasagna….. it was ok….

We then watched Boy Night on American Idol. To me it seems like the majority of the contestants are cockier and more stuck on themselves then in past years…. There was a few good performances. So far I think the boys are doing better then the girls – I’m sure I’m a bit biased….

Our new bank got back to me today about our loan application to refinance our motor home loan. They denied the application – at first they told me that my loan to debt ration was too high – I said ok, thanked them and ended the call. I thought about their answer a bit and decided that it was not right. I think they took our existing motor home loan payment each month as being a mortgage payment – so they thought we were making a house and and rv payment each month. I called them back and explained that I though they did not understand our situation and that we were full time rv’ers and that the motor home payment is our “mortgage”. They sent the loan application back to underwriting with this new information and then I received another phone call. The second phone call was not anymore successful, – they gave me some vague excuse about having a different criteria for RV’ers who “reside in their unit” and that I don’t meet their criteria.. I could not get much more out of them…. my guess is that my credit score was not high enough… they are sending me a letter with the real reason….. I will try again once the effect of the new inquiry’s on my credit report wear off…..

Not much else going on…..

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