I’m doing this blog entry while watching Girl Night on American Idol. The first contestant just got done doing a cover of a Heart song – it was pretty good.

The weather is a bit better here today – the sun actually came out… several coworkers asked me what the “bright thing in the sky” was today because it’s been so long since we had clear enough skies to see it…. I think it put people in a better mood.

I had a busy day at work – it seems like I’m getting more support issues this week then usual. It is kinda the curse of the consultant – the longer you stay at a client the more support work you do on a regular basis. It seems like working on more software for people equates to the more support/enhancement work you do. This also works in your favor because clients typically don’t want to let a consultant go who is familiar with and can provide support without needing any “hand-holding”…. It seems like each day at work, the new corporate headquarters is getting more finished and polished. There is less boxes of stuff laying around and I don’t see quite as many construction workers.

During my lunch break I had one more ebay item to mail off – so I went to the post office on Manchester then walked across to Novak’s for lunch. They had a cheese ravioli special that was tasty. The ravioli was covered with a marinara sauce, some sausage slices and topped with parm – then served with garlic bread. It hit the spot. While eating I flipped through The Vital Voice – a local gay newspaper – and see that The Saint Louis LGBTQ Film Festival will be the weekend of March 12-16. It looks like there are several movies and workshops that I would like to attend.

A year ago this week we were on our first cruise and playing “Church Lady Bingo”. We went to various islands in the Caribbean and enjoyed really nice, warm weather… I could go for another cruise about now 🙂 It appears that our big vacation this year will be a week long trip to Iowa to tour the Winnebago factory and then going to the Saylorville Lake Rally during the week of July 4th… That seems like a long way off…. We plan on doing lots of weekend camping with friends from St. Louis and Chicago….

John is not too happy with me because I spent over $200.00 on my work out ensemble. I don’t think it is that bad of a deal – I got a Under Armour duffel bag to go along with my Under Armour Shirt, Shorts, compression shorts, socks and Nike shoes. I got quite a bit of stuff and I look good while walking at 3.4 MPH on the treadmill 🙂 The Nike shoes have the Nike+ transmitter that works with an iPod Nano to keep track of how far you went and how many calories you burned. You even get access to the Nike website that keeps track of your daily progress over time and etc. The crappy part of the Nike+ system is that it only works with an iPod Nano equipped with the Nike Kit. I really wish it would work with my 30 gig Video iPod because I’m not willing to purchase an iPod Nano. John says that if I get rid of my Macintosh Portable that I can purchase a iPod Touch with all of my auction proceeds. So tonight I’m going to list it on ebay….. Now I’m hoping to find a way to get the Nike+ system to work with an iPod touch or my 30 gig video iPod……

Not much else going on……

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