Greetings from a wet day in Fairview, OR…

One of the cool things about being a full time RV’er is that if you don’t like your neighbors or your neighborhood you can just move. We didn’t – so we did. We are now at the Portland Fairview RV Park that is 1/2 mile from the park we were staying at previously. The new park is much larger with 400 to 500 sites, seems to be well maintained, has a small fitness center, two laundry facilities and a hot tub

We moved here yesterday morning before the rain set it. Good timing because it has been raining steadily along since 7:00pm last night. Moving parks was a bit expensive because we had to pay for credit checks and to have dsl internet service installed, but should be worth it in the long run. Today the DSL installer came and got us all setup and running after he had to spend a few hours in the rain trying to figure out which switch box our site was connected to…

The old park was feeling more and more seedy as the warmer weather came. More people outside trying their best to ignore us and more cats running around and marking our MoHo. Was finding that most of the people I encountered while doing laundry had come from the bar next door and were not much fun to be around. The new RV park has more of a camping/RVing atmosphere as opposed to people living in RV’s because it is cheap. The new RV park has a long list of rules and many reviews of the park say they are very strict about them… We should be fine… we keep a clean site and usually leave nothing outside. Will take some pictures of the park once the rain stops… sometime next week…. ūüôā

Today was John’s first day of online classes with DeVry. He is taking three classes and they really pile on the work. Most of the day he did not have DSL internet, so he teathered his laptop to his iPhone. It got him by, but was slower then he is used to… One of the classes he needs to participate in online discussion forums with his class mates. The big catch is that he needs to research and find references to the point of view he has…. so needs to go through an online library, read and find something that supports what he is trying to say… does not sound like much fun….

One of the things I did not mention about our trip to Seattle was that my parents were with us. Did not want to say anything until they made it safely home. ¬†They took Amtrak trains from Galesburg, IL to Portland, OR. They had a private room on the sleeping car and really enjoyed the round trip. They got to see the Rocky and Cascade mountains with snow on the ground and trees. They said it was absolutely gorgeous. Here’s a pictures of everyone dining at the Space Needle:


It was a cool place to dine because it slowly revolves so you get to see an unique view of the city and the water.  We went at 5:30pm, so got to see the sun set and the city lights turn on.  Here is a picture from earlier in the evening:


For dessert we had their Lunar Orbiter – basically an ice cream sunday in a special serving dish that holds dry ice and “steams” when served. ¬†The dessert is the only item that has always been on the menu there – it’s kind of a tradition for them:

It was cool to spend time with my parents. ¬†We picked them up in Portland, OR on Friday and did Portland stuff with them on Saturday like the Multnomah¬†waterfall and the Portland underground tour. ¬†The underground Portland tour was interesting but nothing like Seattle’s tour – the underground part was sitting in a basement listening to stories of the cities sordid past. ¬†Then on Sunday morning we drove up to Seattle.

Have lots more to say, but will have to wait for another day…. ¬†Need to get going to ice skating classes. ¬†I missed last week because of being in Seattle, but this is my second time taking the same class, so should not be too big of a deal. ¬†I think John will stay home to read and study for his classes.

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