The weather is still cruddy…. cold, cruddy, windy and spitting rain now and then. Makes me feel good to have a job where I sit at a desk all day and out of the elements. When I go outside for lunch I see construction workers who are working outside and they don’t look overly happy about it….

Right now we are watching elimination night on American Idol… The first boy, Jason Yaeger, just got eliminated… no big loss for me… I didn’t care for his attitude… But you really can’t tell much about these contestants by what you see on the show – it is so choreographed and scripted….

I found a buyer for my Macintosh Portable today. I posted it on the Low End Mac Swap site and got lots of responses. Right now I’m just waiting for payment – with some luck I will get paid tomorrow via PayPal and get it shipped off. John says it is ok to obtain a iPod Touch with the auction proceeds from the last few days… I will probably go to the Apple Store at the Galleria, find a hot twink salesmen to fawn over me and purchase it…. I think my current video iPod knows that I’m going to upgrade because it did not synch my podcasts correctly today – they are loaded on my iPod, but they are not listed under the Podcast menu selection – I have to find them under artist with my other music… irritating… I’m restoring the iPod and reloading everything… it should fix it.

John just got a call from Lynn at the front office asking him to assist a new arrival get parked in the dark. It is pretty easy to hit a water pipe or electrical box around here – so John takes his parking duties very seriously – if something gets run over he will be the one who fixes it….

We received the “Welcome Package” in the mail today from Habitat Furnishings. It contained samples of the materials that are used in the mattress along with a special mattress protector. We got everything, except for the mattress itself – which will be delivered sometime next week, probably…

Not much else going on….


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