I had a good day at work – I got lot of support issues taken care of. I went to Novak’s for lunch and had a fish sandwich. It was tasty and I really like their tarter sauce – it had horse radish in it. I like going to Novaks for lunch because they are close to where I work now, have good service, food and the bar staff is very friendly. The new cafeteria at work is not completely setup up – they don’t have all of their equipment installed yet – so it seems like most of the food is prepared off site and brought in. I’m sure it will improve once the kitchen and serving area is all setup.

Our new Habitat Air Bed arrived today – a week earlier then expected! John spent an hour putting it together. No big surprises with it – is seems to be as advertised. It is a bit taller then our old mattress, so the bedroom looks smaller with it. I’m looking forward to sleeping on it tonight and adjusting my side of the bed to my liking…. Now John is attempting to find someone to take our old mattress for free. He currently has it listed on a local Free Cycle website hoping someone would like it.

We also received a fun package from Dave and Mitch in Palm Springs – we received a vintage multi-meter and an assortment of 8-track tapes. Thank You!!! Tomorrow I get to have fun restoring and listening to them. It is quite an assortment – including the Sound Track to Zorba the Greek, Nat King Cole and the Mills Brothers. The weather is expected to be in the 60’s and 70’s here over the weekend – so I hope to be able to sit outside, drink a beer and listen to them. Then it will be back down to the 20’s/30’s on Monday…

The population of the St. Louis RV park has doubled in the past few days. Some are here for the big St. Louis Home show that is going on this weekend….

Tonight we meet Perry at McGurks Irish Pub. John and I had fish fry with chips. It was good but I would probably not get the chips next time – not my favorite. They are really thin and kinda greasy….

I just received payment for the non-working Macintosh Portable computer and will be sending it out in the mail tomorrow. These systems are kinda sought after by collectors of vintage computer systems because they were the very first Macintosh Laptop. John is very happy that I found it a new home. Now I’m allowed to purchase an iPod Touch…

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