Greetings from another wintery day in Iowa.

The cold weather and snow is getting to me.  Seems like it snows a few times each week, then melts, then snows, then melts, then snows….  The cycle goes fast enough that we don’t get more then a few inches on the ground at a time.

John came home early from work today so we could go for our annual meeting with the accounting firm that does our taxes.  Have a new lady working with us this year since the previous one is no longer with them.  We come in with our stacks of receipts, various tax forms received from our employers and etc.  Having the apartment building makes our taxes nice and complicated.  This year should be interesting with the money we spent on windows/siding, redoing the basement apartment and getting married.  Having combined state and federal tax returns should lower the tax preparation bill a bit.  A nice fat tax refund would be nice, but not expecting much.

After the tax meeting, had a quick supper at home (Brats prepared in the crock pot) them headed downtown for ice skating lessons at Brenton Plaza..  Was actually a nice evening with temps in the mid-20’s and no wind.  Been practicing doing crossovers, bunny hops and waltz jumps.  Coach Jenny wants me to be able to do a bunny hop into a waltz jump but having difficult time putting the two together.

Back into taking lessons at three different places (Brenton Plaza, Buccaneer Arena and Metro Ice).  It gets a bit confusing keeping the times and places straight – especially when some lessons have been re-scheduled due to bad weather, and mechanical breakdown of  ice making machines.  Another thing I notice is that the different coaches teach things differently and all have differing ideas as to where your arms should be placed during certain types of moves.  Not that I’m good enough for it to make much of a difference.. 🙂

John and I are pretty much over our colds.  John ended up taking two and a half sick days. He had a really bad sinus infection that made him miserable for four days.  This week he finally seems back to his old self.  I had the flu for a few days, but not as bad as John.  Ended up calling in sick for a single day.  The bad part is the John’s sick days count against his annual vacation days. My employer does not deduct sick days from vacation days.

Last weekend we purchased some new suitcases from Costco.  Went with two sets of Samonite suitcases. Each set has a large and a medium sized suitcase.  They should work out nice for our upcoming trip.  Our existing suitcases have seen better days – they are having problems with the wheels and the handles that retract out.  We also purchased a small carry on case with long retractable handle to store our iPads, cameras, ham radios and various cables/power cords.


Next weekend we need to head out shopping for shorts and other warm weather cruise clothing.  Hope to use some of the gift cards we received from Christmas for this.  There is also a little shop in the East Village called Colores by Nita that makes and sells tie-dyed t-shirts – want to stop in and pick up one or two for the trip.  Have ordered some cargo shorts from Amazon.com – hope they arrive in time.  San Juan, Puerto Rico has been getting into the upper 80’s this past week. Hope that weather continues for our arrival 🙂

John was “on call” last week for work – got quite a few alerts in the middle of the night and over the weekend.  Then I’m “on call” this week for my employer.  I usually don’t receive as many calls as John, but is still possible to get some in the middle of the night.  Think we are both going to be good and ready for vacation next week.

Been working on the paint-by-number painting, trying to get it done this month.  This is what it currently looks like:


 Not much else going on – here’s picture of Prince’s favorite place to sit – on John’s keyboard.


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