Greetings from Portland, OR…

Just got done watching the Packers win the Super Bowl – ended up being a closer game then it should have.  John hates football so I watched it in the bedroom with the door closed.

John’s not been feeling good for the past week – keeps getting the flu that lingers on and on.  He feels tired all day and then can’t sleep at night.  Today he has finally started to feel better – hope it lasts…

This weekend we just stayed around the RV park so John could recuperate.  He’s been working on setting up our finances on the computer and creating a budget for us.  He went with a program that runs on the Mac called iBank.  It provides the same basic  functionality that Quicken type programs do, but it gets better reviews.  Quicken on the Mac is not very good at connecting to banking web sites and pulling in your transactions automatically…..

John’s been quite mean during the setup process – yelling at me when he needs account information and passwords for my accounts.  For the past 6+ years it has been my job to pay the bills and keep track of the finances.  I’ve resigned – it is John’s job now.  Hope he has fun…. He then setup a budget for us to live by…. He budgeted $100.00 a month for clothing….  not good…. We will have to adjust the budget once we see what my first paycheck is like.  I’m salaried so should get the same amount each check – a big difference from being a consultant….  Hope I don’t look at my first paycheck and say “That’s It?” 🙂

Not much else going on… tomorrow I have new employee training in the morning – will be a nice diversion from programming.  Last Wednesday I had my picture taken for my new security badge, but have not received it yet – it takes a week or so to arrive from Minnesota.

This will be a challenging week at work because the major project I started last March goes lives on Friday – probably.  End users can still decide to call off having it go live – so will see.  Will be nice to have this project done and over with….  seems to linger on and on… like John’s flu.

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