Greetings from a perfect spring-like day in Des Moines..

The sky is blue, the birds are chirping and I was able to work outside with shorts and t-shirt on. Saw a few Robins today – so starting to think spring is finally here.  Temps got into the lower 70’s so nothing to complain about at all.

Yesterday morning John called Lounsbury Landscaping and had them deliver 5 tons of top soil for the lawn at a cost of $200.00 They were able to deliver the soil in a few hours. John had them dump it in the back yard by where we usually park the Jeep.


Looks like alot of dirt...


John using his "sacred hand signals" to help the driver backup


We've got dirt...

So after work last night (Friday) we went spent a few hours removing the half rotten landscaping timbers in the front flower bed and then using the landscaping stones from the side and back of the building in its place.  Went fine – got it done before it got too dark.


All set for flowers in a few weeks...


Today we started the morning by having breakfast at Denny’s – which is conveniently located next to Mendard’s.  Denny’s is not exactly fine dining, but I like their bacon avacado breakfast burrito.  Had a coupon for 20% off our total bill – so was cool.

Next we power-shopped Mendard’s and purchased $165.00 worth of fertilizer, grass seed, hand held fertilizer applicator, rake, shovel, 50 foot hose and two sprinklers.  For the grass seed we went with Scott’s Turf Builder Sun & Shade Mix.  It was a bit expensive at $64.00 for the 40lb bag but it had the least amount of rye seed in it.

We then went back home and spent the next five hours filling, lugging around and dumping five gallon pails of top soil.  We had a little bit more then we needed, but found a place for it all.  Then we used the hand spreader to spread fertilizer and the grass seed on the fresh top soil.  We thought about putting down some straw, but Mendard’s did not have any and we think it would blow around and become a maintenance problem.  So hoping the grass comes up quick enough to keep the soil in place. The grass seeds are white in color – appears they are coated in something.  The coating makes them heavy enough that the wind is not blowing it around.  Hope it also deters birds from eating it – probably not.


Nice dark topsoil in place. Grass has no excuse to not grow..


filled in more low spots around the building.

Now we are both sore and tired.  Can really feel it in my legs that I hauled 100’s pails of dirt around.  Had pizza from Papa John’s delivered for supper because I had little desire to cook or go anywhere.  Went with my favorite Sausage, mushroom, black olives and onion – did not disappoint.  🙂

So one more project completed.  Now just need to keep the soil moist for the next few weeks and hope we have a nice Spring.  Tomorrow the weather forecast is calling for rain showers – hope it work out that way – will give the grass seed a good start.

Our next major project will be the hallway carpet installation this coming Wednesday.  That will be followed by the installation of new glass in the RV on Thursday.  John seems pretty happy with himself for having all of these tasks completed in a relatively short amount of time.  I will have to be extra nice to him this week…  😉

John put an add out on Craigslist to see if there was any local people to wash/wax RV’s.  He had one that sounded good and was going to stop by, check out the RV and give us a quote.  Has not shown up yet…. not a good sign.  We will probably end up doing it ourselves.

Received one of my state tax returns in the mail.  Out of the three states I worked in (Wisconsin, Oregon and Iowa) – Oregon came in first.  Iowa sent me a letter asking for copies of part of my federal tax return.  Not a good sign.  We forward the request on to our tax preparer to see what she says.  Hoping it is just something the state routinely does….  Since we are spending money like it is water to get our projects completed, it is nice to know I will receive two more tax return checks.  Not complaining because it is good to be getting things done.  We need to get things squared away before our two week trip to St. Louis next month…

Not much else going on –   going to take some ibuprofen, long hot shower, relax and wait for my turn to move the sprinklers.  Attending to watering the sprouting grass will be my new hobby for the next few weeks…

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