Greetings from another damp day in Portland…

Cycle of rain then sun, then rain every few hours continues.  Was able to ride my bike for 30 minutes on Friday evening between rain cycles.  Around and around the park I went.  Park is very quiet this time of the year – most people just say inside.  Think this will be a fun place to be during the “amateur camping season”.

After breakfast we checked out the Metro Portland RV Show.  The show was larger then I anticipated with lots of new, and some used, RV’s.  Checked out some Tiffin Phaeton RV’s that had really nice interiors.  Lots of nice neutral earth tones used for the leather and fabric upholstery.  Liked the dark wood work used in several of them.

John spent some time talking to a salesman about a used 42 foot 2004 Monaco Executive on sale for $197,000.  It was a nice looking coach – here’s a picture of the exterior:


Used Monaco Executive....

John had the salesman going until he asked how many windshields have fell out of it….  Conversation didn’t go well after that…. 🙂

We wandered around the rest of the show looking at the usual assortment of RV’s.  One dealer had fixed up some vintage RV’s that were fun to see what they did with them.  Here’s the exterior of one of them:


a bargain at only $12,995

Here’s an outside kitchen one of the travel trailers had.  I like the idea, but don’t think they would hold up well over time.


Cute exterior kitchen.

The show also had lots of new Airstream trailers and camper vans.  Probably more then we have seen at a single show before.  Like how light and airy their interiors tend to be.


Front of an Airstream International


Row of airstreams

After the show we didn’t feel like going home, so we decided to go see a movie.  We went with The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon in it starting at 2:45pm at the Lloyd Center mall.  It was only noon – so I wasted some time at the mall ice skating while John walked around.  Showed up at the theater 30 minutes early and watched all of the pre-movie crap on the screen before it finally started.  It was good movie only complaint is that they talking about him mooning someone at a party then show him having sex but never show very much of him naked….  A nice ass shot would have made the movie much better for me 😉

So that was our exciting day.  A pretty good day actually….  Glad John did not ask me to fill out a credit application for the Monaco at the RV show… Was getting worried while he was talking to the salesman for 10 minutes…. 🙂

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