Guess what? Yep – still raining… and raining… and raining some more….

We are definitely going through another wet cycle in the weather – has been raining for the last 6 days. It’s getting really old listening to the rain tapping away on the roof of the MoHo… The black streaks on the outside of the RV are getting ridiculous. One of these weekends we need to get the soap and brushes out and give it a good scrubbing… then eventually a good wax job… Not sure what is worse summer in Texas with dry heat – or winter in Portland with wet dampness….

On Monday I had a really good ice skating lesson. Still really like the instructor this session and my classmates are very chatty and like having fun. The teacher explains things in easy steps and has us concentrate on the basics more – instead of getting all fancy. I’m getting better at going backwards each time I practice. This weekend will try go skating and do nothing except backwards skating…. Practice makes perfect…. eventually…. I hope…. 🙂

My work week has been extremely busy. Tonight I have code changes for five different applications being moved into production. I spent all day on Monday doing all of the paperwork for these moves… something I’m getting good at doing… Today was able to start working on a new project where I need to update an existing application that is somewhat complicated. It’s interesting going through programming that someone else did five years ago and understand how it works. Over the years I’ve seen lots of really bad programming, but this application is pretty good. Only big issue I see is lots of redundant code – the same programming done in several places instead of just one shared location. When inheriting someone elses code it is usually best to tread lightly and just let the redundant code stay… it’s worked for the past five years… so why tempt fate…..

Still enjoy playing Warcraft. Last weekend I advanced three levels – now I’m at level 56. Looking forward to making it to level 60 because then I receive some new abilities. Once nice weather gets here I will not play nearly as much. Looking forward to going on bike rides, hikes and swimming…. Tonight I went down to the fitness cabin and did 30 minutes on the Precor elliptical machine – was a nice workout.


Workout cabin - kinda picturesque


Inside exercise cabin - not fancy but functional


Yellow daffodils starting to bloom

Not much else going on… heading off to watch Top Chef, play Warcraft and read a little before heading to bed.

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