Greetings from a gorgeous weekend in Iowa…

The unseasonably warm weather continues.  Getting used to having highs in the 80’s.  John was tempted to use the central air on Saturday.  Been doing fine with having windows open and using the ceiling fans.

Prince got all scared with the ceiling fans and refused to walk into any rooms with them on.  John has been working with him and he seems to be over it.  He looks up at it now and then but does not panic….

On Friday evening we went to Menard’s and purchased $100 worth of new door mats for the apartment building.  We went with three heavy duty interior mats, and then with three basic exterior mats.  The old mats were worn to the point of not being effective.

We have been watering the grass seed around the apartment building, but it has not started to sprout yet.  The bag it came in said it will take two weeks – so should do something this week.  Looking at the bare dirt is depressing.  The weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms all week – so we may get a reprieve from our watering duties.

We have run into big problems with getting the RV windshields replaced.  The glass guys showed up on Thursday morning as scheduled.  They took a look at the metal frame around the glass and said it was too rusty to install new glass into.  They lifted up some of the rubber gasket around the glass and showed John where there were holes rusted through.  Not good.  We are going to need the old metal supports removed and new ones welded in place for both windshields installed.  This is going to get expensive, but we don’t have much alternative.  John is working with our insurance company to see if they will cover the body work along with the glass replacement.  Need the metal work done so the new glass can be installed.

On Friday John drove the RV over to United Truck and Body on the South side of Des Moines to get an estimate on the body work.  Ninety minutes after we had left it with them, they called back and said they were not interested in working on it.  They had called Winnebago and the shop guy there explained how they had a “special procedure” for doing the replacement.  So John went back and drove the RV back home…

Tomorrow (Monday) he is going to run it down to another shop in Indianola, IA to have them take a look at it.  We are attempting to avoid having to have the body work done by Winnebago.  They would be super expensive and would not be able to work on it in the near future.  We are hoping the place in Indianola will be willing to take on the project.

We need the body work done and the new glass in place in time for our planned trip to St. Louis, MO in April. We could use the RV without replacing the glass – the front windshields would probably not fall out.  What we are trying to avoid is a shop starting to work on it, then get delayed to a point where it runs into our plans.  We don’t want to move the dates for our trip because John has his spring break from college then.

So not much else going on…  John has been more crabby then usual because of the RV situation.  So I’m going to do stuff no the computer this evening and leave him alone.  My annual subscription to the Pandora music service has expired.  Going to do a free trial of Spotifiy to see if I like it better.

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